Differentiate Your App With Mobile Video Chat

Engage Face-to-Face. Transform Your UX.

Differentiate Your App With Mobile Video Chat

Engage Face-to-Face. Transform Your UX.

Video is the future of user engagement, and can drive adoption of your app.

Whether your app is for social, customer engagement, telemedicine, or something else, video chat is the most accessible way to authentically engage with brands. But mobile video is challenging. The wrong technology can create frustrated users. Vidyo.io SDKs have been specifically tuned for mobile devices, delivering a high-quality experience, wherever your users are.
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Mobile-Optimized Codecs

Video chat requires scarce mobile CPU. Our codecs are designed deliberately for mobile devices, delivering optimal performance for mobile chipsets.
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Error Resilience

Transmitting real-time video over wireless is prone to packet loss, broken video, and disappointed users. Our cutting-edge error concealment techniques preserve the integrity of the video, even when network connection is poor.
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Resource Management

Mobile devices contend with limited CPU performance and battery power. The vidyo.io SDK continuously adjusts to balance available CPU and resolution, with continuously optimized video.

Dynamic Network Adaptation

Wireless networks are inconsistent. Vidyo.io continuously adapts the video based on available bandwidth, providing optimal video quality over constantly varying networks.

Dynamic Network Adaptation

Broad Platform Support

Whether you’re building for Android or iOS, our native SDKs support popular devices and chipsets. Including ARM, ARM64, and x86 -Vidyo.io has got you covered.
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