Real-time video infrastructure has been a part of Vidyo’s DNA since its inception. Today, real-time communications is exploding, enabling no-download communications in web browsers, and simplifying how the world connects. If you are looking for a WebRTC Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), you will want a platform that will not ultimately sacrifice quality or reliability for scalability – which remains a problem that many organizations run into with embedded video communications.

WebRTC API Platform ReportVidyo.io, which lets you easily video-enable any application, is featured in the new report from WebRTC expert Tsahi Levent-Levi, “Choosing a WebRTC API Platform.” Vidyo.io’s vendor profile in the guide is available for free here.

“Vidyo has been a pioneer in scalable, high quality, multiparty video, and now they are making that same technology used by large enterprises available to all developers through a CPaaS. Today, people who communicate over mobile, and public networks experience packet loss and other network impairments. Vidyo.io’s technology is especially suited and resilient in such environments, making it the ideal enterprise-grade solution when you want to deliver the highest video quality even with poor network conditions,” said Levent-Levi.

What makes Vidyo.io different from other embedded video providers? Our CPaaS leverages the benefits of Scalable Video Coding (SVC), with our patented Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) technology to ensure that video quality is not jeopardized as the number of call participants scales, nor when participants are joining from the public Internet over variable wifi and bad bandwidth connections.

Vidyo.io is ideal for large organizations with strong security demands and is an optimal solution for maintaining high video quality and reliability, regardless of how many people are on the call, where they are joining from or what device they are using.

Learn more about the Vidyo.io difference for real-time video communications here: The Secret fto Reliable Multiparty Video Chat, and here: What it Takes to Build a Real-Time-Communications Network.

Our technology and embeddable video APIs have been used by enterprises like Alibaba, Bloomberg, CERN, Epic, Philips, Kaiser, Mayo Clinic, Royal Bank of Canada, NCR (ATMs), US Department of Defense, Ricoh, Mitel and others to deliver high-quality, reliable, multi-party video collaboration at scale.