At Vidyo, we have been developing real-time, multi-party video chat technology since 2005. We have continuously refined the video performance and quality to deliver the highest quality experience possible, especially for mobile devices.

Mobile-based video chat poses some interesting challenges. Phones and tablets typically have less powerful CPUs compared to a desktop or laptop computer. More importantly, mobile devices inherently are connecting over wireless network connections. This means available network bandwidth can fluctuate dramatically. To solve this specific problem, we use a technique that we call Adaptive Video Layering in order to dynamically adjust the video during a call, and continuously optimize the video to create the best possible experience given the available CPU, screen size, and bandwidth.

When we created Vidyo.io, we wanted to make it easy for all developers – and not just those familiar with video technology – to embed real-time video into their own apps. With Vidyo.io we provide this same enterprise-grade video technology to you, the developer. You can embed video chat into your mobile app quickly and easily, without having any video expertise. We’ve worked really hard so that you don’t have to.

Just how easy is it? Watch the video below, where I take you through what is involved in creating your first “Hello World” video chat app in Xcode. We have also posted the project on our GitHub repository, so that you can download and follow along.

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