Building real-time communications is hard. Unlike video streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube, which account for 78% of the web traffic today, real-time video does not have the luxury to “buffer,” and therefore presents a unique set of challenges. In order to achieve interactivity, the infrastructure has to deliver the video stream end-to-end within 200ms, all while dealing with varying bandwidth and packet loss – that is, if you can make it through your firewall first.

We feel your pain, and our goal is to make this technology transparent for everyone, and allow you to focus on your apps. Real-time video infrastructure has been a part of Vidyo’s DNA since its inception, and to create the best possible experience, we created a new codec (Scalable Video Coding) and paired it with a new type of video server architecture (Selective Forwarding Unit, embodied in our VidyoRouter) unlike anything seen before. This combination has made Vidyo uniquely qualified to create a global interactive video delivery developer platform, which we are calling Vidyo.io.

Global Communications NetworkTo make highest-quality embedded video collaboration seamless in a mobile world, our Vidyo.io library will automatically find the closest geographically-distributed node, which will give your endpoint access to our latency-optimized backbone. It will dynamically connect your call with other participants all over the world, to create conferences that can scale – from two to hundreds of participants – while maintaining real-time interactivity between each one.

Along with our network, we are also providing a cross-platform client library that will empower you to easily add real-time video capabilities into your app. With our built-in rendering engine, device, CPU and bandwidth management, your time-to-market can shrink from weeks to hours. You get to leverage Vidyo’s years of refinement in your app, without becoming a video expert yourself. The power of our technology will allow you to deliver an interactive video chat that not only fits your available bandwidth, but also your budget.

It’s an exciting time for interactive video communications, and by making our technology more accessible, we are hoping to empower new and innovative products that will make everyone feel a bit more connected.

To learn more, check out Vidyo.io and join the WebRTC webinar.

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