If you are a product owner who has had video chat capabilities on your product roadmap, for a while, because of the complexity and cost of developing such a feature; this blog is for you – please keep reading as this is the perfect time to move your dream feature from your roadmap into your backlog and surprise both your boss and your customers.

We are well aware that developing a scalable real-time multiparty video chat can be quite challenging. This is why we built the Vidyo.io PaaS platform with the developer’s needs in mind. No specialized video knowledge is required. Any developer can add a scalable, enterprise scale multiparty video chat through a few simple API calls regardless of what device the developer is running his application on or his programming language of preference. We got it all covered.

Here are three main reasons why you should add video chat functionality to your next release:

  • You can integrate quickly using our reference applications, with no upfront investment and grow your business at your own pace.  Free Sign up
  • Grow and expand your application with consultation from our hyper engaged developer services and community team. Check our Support Center  where you can search for a specific answer or collaborate with our experts.
  • Innovate and be ahead of the game with your high-quality, reliable video chat just as Alibaba, Bloomberg, CERN, Epic, Philips, Kaiser, Mayo Clinic, Royal Bank of Canada, NCR (ATMs), US Department of Defense, Ricoh, Mitel and many others who use our video APIs are able to.

Wondering what applications or use cases can benefit from the embedding of a reliable multiparty video chat? Take a look at the diagram below:

Cannot find your use case here or have a different use case in mind? Please contact us and tell us more.We would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned as we are adding additional sample applications, how to videos and series of Developer Webinars that will dive into specific topics and allow us to have live conversations.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with us, share your ideas or provide feedback, feel free to contact us at community@vidyo.com so we can begin exploring together.