Developer Boss CodingDid you know Vidyo.io makes it easy for teams of developers to work together? You can share your account with other developers on your team, making it easier for teams working within the same organization to have access to the Vidyo.io service.

Why would you want to have your development team share a single Vidyo.io account?

Consolidated Billing

Vidyo.io makes billing easier with one single account.  With consolidated billing, your organization doesn’t have multiple charges every month for each individual developer account that has been set up.

Manage Multiple Apps

You can still manage multiple apps from a single account. You can generate multiple API keys, which are sets of Application ID and Developer Key combinations. An API key can be created for each app, production app and sandbox app that you are working on, enabling you to track usage separately for cost tracking.

Control Access

As members of your development team come and go, you can add and remove them easily from your VIdyo.io account and regenerate keys as needed. This allows you to keep your account and API keys secure.

How to get started?

It’s easy to add other developers to your account. Simply login to your account and go to “My Account” and then “Users”. To add other members of your development team to your account simply click the “Add a Developer” button and fill out the form.

Vidyo.io Add Developer

The developer you invited will receive an email invitation to Vidyo.io and will be stepped through the process of setting their password. That’s it! Once you’ve added the developer they will appear in your user management window.
Add Developer Screenshot