When you’re up at 3 AM, trying to finish an important assignment or cramming for an exam, collaboration can be a problem for college students. Who else is up that I can talk to? At the same time, many college students wish to collaborate – without having to share their personal contact information, such as their mobile phone number or access to their social networks.

Vidyo at TadHack Mini 2017

Ahead of Enterprise Connect, at the TADHack-mini hackathon, we awarded a $1,000 prize to the young creators of Whos_up, a communications app for college students that lets them collaborate on coursework via video, without having to worry about distractions such as texting or pinging one another on social media. It’s a great example of the pure efficiency of video collaboration. In fact, the team said that they built Whos_up in an attempt to solve their own problem as students – they had a vision for a better way to collaborate in real-time.

Using our Vidyo.io API platform, creators Bruno Harger Alves, M.D. Shibili Mollah, and Jerry Reed, from Valencia College, were able to easily embed high-quality, reliable video collaboration right into their app. For the Whos_up team, Vidyo.io was super easy to use, letting them work fast and focus on the other key details of their app, without having to worry about the video component. No headaches, hiccups or technical knowledge of coding for video required helped them build Whos_up quickly and have fun doing it. Using Vidyo.io helped them stay focused on the core purpose and function of Whos_up, without the distractions of making sure the video worked.

We awarded Whos_up with the prize because we think it’s a great use case for embedded mobile video collaboration that solves a real problem among university campuses. Separated across campuses, or from their parents’ houses, it’s hard for students – who may not know each other well – to collaborate effectively at all hours. Furthermore, they should be able to do so without having to share their Skype username or email address. Since Vidyo.io is designed to perform over 4G and variable wifi networks, Whos_up users can expect clear and consistent video quality, whether they’re at home, in the car or on campus.

We enjoyed watching the Whos_up team at work, and believe their app is a creative and intelligent way for video to be used in education. The best part is that it was built for college students, by college students. We’re looking forward to seeing where their app leads them!

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