If you didn’t know, humans don’t always trust chatbots. Connecting with a brand over the phone might not even exist as an option for millennials. Real-time video is the future of user engagement – it combines authentic, human connection with the efficiency of any other digital tool. And, beyond engagement, real-time video is also a great way to drive adoption of a new app. This is a key differentiator  in a time when there are more apps arriving everyday on the marketplace that anyone can count.

vidyo.io booth Tadhack 2017This was recently put on display at TADHack Global, which was sponsored by vidyo.io and other leaders in the telecommunications industry. We loved seeing the quality and volume of hacks that embedded real-time video as the next-generation way to connect in-app.

We awarded prize money to some truly amazing teams, including Ciclo, Texto, QrCall, AIColab, Safeplace and State of the Art Chart. It was very exciting to see how many teams created awesome hacks that incorporate real-time video communications into digital health solutions. For example, AIColab embedded a video chat feature into its “GitHub for doctors,” which could help clinicians better collaborate with one another and leverage each other’s work. Ciclo added video collaboration to its “DIY repair marketplace,” which aims to curb the unnecessary waste created by throwing out smartphones, laptops and other devices before they should be considered garbage.

We awarded Ciclo our top prize because at Vidyo we get excited about people who build apps that have a purpose to make the world better. From telehealth to infrastructure, the real beauty of real-time video platforms is embedding video into anything with a processor and a screen. Today, it’s easy for a developer to use a video platform-as-a-service for any concept or idea. From Chicago to Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur, at TADHackGlobal, we saw how much today’s developers seek to build apps that enrich our lives.

Visit the TADHack Global site to check out all of the winners who took home awards, including favorites such as Project Clearwater, Apifonica Node.js and Rome, Ciclo, and PhoneGuard.

Our takeaway from TADHack Global is that these teams want to solve big, global problems. That’s one reason why we believe that embedding video chat and keeping the human touch in our digital transactions enriches people’s lives everywhere. From making healthcare more efficient, to being more responsible about how consumers dispose of their smartphones, it makes sense to us that real-time video is a way forward in how we communicate to solve urgent problems. We are proud to sponsor TADHack Global, and can’t wait to see what world-changing ideas the next group has.