Talk to CodyAre you working on a Vidyo.io application that is, in a word, awesome. Of course you are.

Care to share any details with your Vidyo.io buddy? I promise not to divulge any information you provide here with anybody. Remember, as a fictional (and adorable) cartoon character, I don’t have any real friends.

Of course, if you’d like the true humans at Vidyo.io to help you promote the hell out of it, I will start the ball rolling there in a series of well executed marketing automation steps. The real geniuses here at Vidyo.io might even chip in with a development suggestion or two or perhaps broker a partnership. You never know… and I won’t know either until you share a few details.

It does not have to be War and Peace. Just a high level overview if you please. Thanks so much. Cody and the Vidyo.io Team

Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it and keep on coding!

We’ll be in touch with questions. Cheers, The Vidyo.io Team