Here’s a brief clip for a July 27 webinar we did with Dan Miller, CEO of Level Therapy, and Coley Williams, Licensed Therapist and Chief Medical Officer at Level Therapy. Great info.

Here Dan talks why they chose Vidyo.io for the real time mobile video communication piece, plus other key factors considered as they built this impressive service. To see the full webinar, go here.

Level TherapySince launching Vidyo.io back in January, it has been exciting to see teams create all kinds of products using our API platform that genuinely help people. Level Therapy, for example, is a mobile app that provides fast and easy access to psychologists and therapists through video, voice and text. A reliable, resilient video experience, designed specifically for quality performance over mobile and the public Internet, is essential for Level Therapy’s users.

We sat down with the Level Therapy team to learn more about their experience with finding the right video platform for their unique needs. Our discussion revealed that integration costs, performance, simplicity and support were critical considerations for choosing a video API platform.

What problem are you solving?

Level Therapy ProblemLevel Therapy provides people with tools to seek and maintain mental fitness while in the comfort of their own home or wherever they are. While 43 million Americans are diagnosed with mental health disorders every year, nearly 60% of people with mental illness go undiagnosed. This happens mainly for three reasons: stigma, cost and access. There is a social stigma that is ingrained in people across the country that suggests seeking help/treatment is “not needed” for them. This also stems from a lack of education and self-identifying the signs of mental disorders.

Then, there is the lack of convenience; typically, people are forced to see clinicians that are provided by their coverage plan, or are referred to them by friends/family. Yet, they don’t necessarily know if these doctors are the right fit. Added to the fact that they have to take time out of their day to physically meet at the clinician’s office, there hasn’t been an easy way to get treatment. Level Therapy eliminates all three of these barriers by giving patients a convenient and easy way to seek help.

Why did you choose Vidyo.io over competing platforms?

We launched in the fall of 2016 with another platform. The implementation was overly complex and we had serious challenges with the stability of the platform, which was prone to crashing during live sessions. While the other platform was HIPAA compliant, we needed a solution that was easy to use and more stable. Vidyo.io proved to deliver in these areas. Additionally, the Vidyo team provided us with service that we weren’t getting elsewhere which has been a major plus to the partnership.

What other tools/platforms are you using to power your app?

Vidyo is the most important component currently powering the app. Other tools we are using include Fabric and Mixpanel. Fabric allows us to track retention, engagement, and growth of the app while. Mixpanel allows us to accurately track how well our funnels are performing and to a/b test quickly. The fact that our patient experience is mobile only and that we have a matching algorithm and assessment tools allows our app to stand out from others.

What tips would you give other developers looking to embed video into their app?

Make sure you conduct your vendor analysis. Vendors have been very thoughtful in how they market their solutions but the video conferencing vendors are far from being equal in integration costs, performance and support. Do your homework.

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